Impression of the seminar in Trondheim


“The most important thing I took notice of on the seminar was that the mental coaches focus was not on working with the individual player when things did not work well. But rather with the entire coaching team, the support team, the leadership types in the player group so that everyone worked towards common goals and philosophy. So the importance of the mental coaches role focused on getting the entire coaching team around the players to focus on a coping climate. Respect for other cultures and players with, for example, other cultural backgrounds was important to understand in order to create a harmonious coping climate that gives good results over time. And not least the importance of a unified training team that was clear in its communication to the player group regardless of the result. Where a coping and task-oriented climate was important for successful and healthy development over time.” Sarmed Saify, U16 Player development coach, Trygg-Lade FC, Norway.

From left to right; Dr Mark Nesti, Dr Carsten Hvid Larsen, Dr Vana Hutter, and Daniel Ransom.